About Us

Life is a beautiful thing we all too often take for granted.

Think about this beautiful world we live in, with all the craziness and curiosities in it.

Think about what governs this beautiful world, what makes it tick, what makes it breathe.

Think about yourself, how you exist, and how you can’t contemplate any other reality other than your own.

Think about the last time you appreciated your means, the place you live, and with good enough health to stay alive.

Think about the last time you’ve experience déjà vu.

Think about the last time you gave a damn that people cared about you and any person gave you respect, even if so little.

Think about all the people who loved you, used to love you, and all the people who hate you.

Think about all the people you will never know but for only a passing glance on a street.

Think of all the people you will never possibly know, the societies and people who lived before you and the ones who are coming after you.

Think of their petty problems, their desires, their wants, their dreams, their failed dreams, their disappointments, their goals, their empires, their hatred, their love.

Think how little these things matter now.

Think of all your petty emotions, worthless desires, big dreams, success, fortune, failure, goals, hatred, and love

Think how little these things will matter very soon.

Think about this site that you’re on, this peculiar about page you’re reading, how I haven’t mentioned floral hats until just now, and what is the message I’m trying to get across.

Think about how at the end of the day, all these things pass. Seasons change, relationships end, people die, resources disappear, natural disasters destroy, the sun engulfs the earth, the universe collapses back in, and the everyone and everything you ever knew, loved, or cared about is now an infinitesimally small, infinitely dense space of what is left of reality. It's beautiful. It's painful. But it's always wonderful at the same time.

Embrace the beauty of life.